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Punch a Fascist

A group of 1d6 facist Gang-Goons [paranoid / brainwashed / twitchy] have blockaded themselves inside a coffeeshop [faux-bougie / scared] that is secretly selling micobiotic meat. They’re led by Dallas [psychotic break / conspiracy theorist / piece of shit], a cy-raging menace, and blame the workers and customers for the lack of food and jobs in the slums.

Despite their complaints, Dallas is fiercely protective of the mega-corps, responding to any criticism of them with open hostility, as he firmly believes they are there to save the people.

Dallas will readily threaten anyone that approaches by telling them that one of the goons is strapped with explosives and will detonate their load if their group is attacked.

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Time is on your Side

Everywhere in the dungeon the PCs go, they find little trails of slime, though they seem to only go directly down the middle of the hallway, in a straight line, until making turns at perfect right angles. A PC who makes a 4d6 roll under their Wisdom can hear a slight ticking sound, which seems to be coming from within the walls. Attempts to destroy the walls yield no information.

If they are still there at midnight, a series of chimes sound all around them. Tiny snails with clockwork shells slither out of holes all around the dungeon. They form a procession and move into the nearest room. Once there, they follow each other around in a circle for one minute, until a second chime sounds. They then return to the holes they slithered out from.

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Petals on an Empty Grave

During their travels, the PCs find a strange garden. Perhaps it is in the ruins of an old manor house or alongside a river they are traveling near, far from anything else. It is largely overgrown. Perhaps strangest of all, no matter what time of day it is, it appears to be dusk within it’s crumbling gates. In the middle of the garden is what remains of some sort of stone monument, and in front of that, a single black poppy grows. Gold sap drips down its stem.

If any PC takes it, it’ll live for five days. During that time, candles will extinguish when they enter a room. The brightest fire will only cast dim light. Even at high noon on a sunny day, the character sees as if the world is in shadow.

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Dead Souls

This event is triggered by a PC rolling a fail when making a Knowledge Test on The Net. Their digging around has attracted the attention of… something. In the corner of their retinal device, they see some sort of demonic entity [haggish / wicked smile / strangely familiar] looking at them. She flies straight at them before they are ejected from the system.

In the days that follow, they see her out of the corner of their eye during stressful moments, adding to the difficulty of their tests. When they sleep [fitful / feverish], they dream she is perched nearby, watching them. They are paralyzed in this dream but can hear her voice. She keeps calling them…

They’ll have to do some work to see what she wants and how to get rid of her.

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Under the Dopple Tree

Somewhere in the forest, a baby cries. It’s easy to tell what general direction the noise comes from, but it stops as suddenly as it started. If the PCs search for the source of the sound, they find a peculiar tree growing in the middle of a clearing. The clearing is full of dead vines and rotting saplings, as if something leached all the life from the area. The tree itself is dull red and its branches are a tangled mess that seem to be consuming each other. Heavy webs cling to them.

In the midst of the branches is a human baby. A small dopplegänger clambers around it. It adopts the child’s form as the PCs watch. The webs contain 1d6 giant spiders. In ten minutes, 1d4 full-sized dopplegängers return to the tree.



Baby Dopplegänger

AC 6 [13], HD 1-1, Att 1 × bite (1d6), THAC0 19 [0], MV 60’ (20’), SV D14 W15 P16 B17 S18, ML 8 (9 if other dopplegängers are present) AL Chaotic, XP 5 TT None

The Baby Dopplegänger has all the abilities of a fully grown member of its species.

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Harbak the Minotaur’s Home Goods

Harbak the Minotaur towers over most of his human customers, and gets incredibly upset over any attempt to haggle, deeming it an affront to his honor, akin to accusing him of theft.

Harbak’s Incense………………3sp

This incense smells strongly of smoky peat (as does Harbak’s fur.)

Blood-Stained Blades……….5gp

Harbak has various used swords. They have deteriorated past the point of use, but he assures you that they’ll look good above your doorway.


Harbak works the leather himself to make these intricately designed eyepatches.

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They Know your Name!

When exploring some location in the dark domain, the PCs find a rolled-up scroll. Place it anywhere the PCs are searching that doesn’t already have an item in it. When a character unrolls it, they see a simple phrase: “Beware the fire on the Tenth Night.” Oddly, no other player character can see the words.

Whenever that PC meets an NPC, the NPC refers to them by name. If questioned, they can’t quite say why they know the PC’s name. When parting ways, the NPC will repeat the phrase on the scroll. They immediately lose all memory that they did so.

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Road Rage

The crackdown in Svarta against Roadrunners has been severe. Alliansen Inc. lost enough valuable workers in the last bombing that they’ve sent a small army of SpecOps to ensure the security of their operations.

Traction [enraged / destructive / unyielding] has come to Svarta for vengeance after a rival gang killed his husband. He brings with him 3d4 Roadrunners. A team of four Alliansen Inc. SpecOps [scared/ calling backup] have stopped them and are threatening to impound their bikes. The situation is moments away from exploding.

Traction would owe a large boon to anyone who tracked down his enemy.