Hearth and Home

The great hall is filled with merriment. Cups never go empty and platters of food steam invitingly at the gathered host. There is much darkness outside the keeps walls, however, and even this is not enough to keep it at bay. Women and Men at each table tap into human’s oldest arcane rituals and tell tales of adventure and glory, of love and loss. They find life in these stories and warmth enough to drive away the chill of the stone walls that encase them.

Creating stories together.

Welcome to the home of Samsarras and other tales of wonder.

I have played in many RPGs with James for many years, and he’s always really impressed me with his creativity.  His devotion to world building and lore is far beyond that of mortal men.  James knows how to make a story that’s fun, challenging, and always makes you wish you had sessions more frequently.  He values and rewards collaborative thinking and good role playing, and is constantly finding ways to make his games more immersive.  Let me put it this way: I’m also a professional DM, and James is who I choose to run games for me.  That should say a lot.

-Justin Giuliani

I’ve only been playing with James for a short time, but I’ve already had so much fun. He runs a very character-driven campaign, taking a lot of inspiration from our backstories and incorporating them into the plot in a big way. When I wanted to play a race that he hadn’t yet written into his world, he was flexible and excited to help me make it work. It’s also quite low-magic, which is surprisingly fun. Showing off my powers to my party members and townsfolk, and having them respond with surprise and wonder makes playing my character feel really special. I’m always looking forward to our next session!

-Hannah Brown