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Tag: A Traveler’s Guide

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Drexalt’s Song

When we die

The great mother will take us back into her bosom

We will sit in endless halls

Where the torch light flickers grey.

We will sit there for all eternity

unmoving and silent

we will drink dusty water

and eat only ash

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Tur Drexlinth

Located on the far southern outreach of the city, Tur Drexlinth is home to Sharar Mon Karra. Sharar is a powerful and reclusive necromancer said to travel the city in many differnt guises. The Del Harun, a tribe of warrior merchants who travel the eastern part of Qua’lorn, have a saying: “Every man, woman, and child meets Sharar Mon Karra once.”

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The House of Nothings

The House of Nothings lays a quarter mile outside of Varrek proper atop a small rocky outcropping. It is ruled by the Council of the Veil which consists of Cillehartly, Annatree Slipbound, and Cartania the Brass. All three are master illusionists.

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Varrek is known as the city of magic. No where else in Samsarras draws wizards like this city of gleaming white dolomite. Raised from the ashes of Shilan, Varrek is a point of power in the desert lands of Qua’Lorn.

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The Kiradal

The Kiradal are a small tribe of nomadic dark elves who travel Qua’Lorn through out the desert nights. Led my an ancient Dark Elf named Vhurrenna, none are sure what has brought them to live on the surface of the world instead of its depths. They are constantly crossing the sands for some unknown purpose.