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CrumblingUpKeep: Gold Pieces are Boring

Dungeons and Dragons has this wonderful abstraction of currency that helps to simplify the game and move things along. There are ten copper pieces in a silver piece, ten silver pieces in a gold piece, and 10 gold in a platinum. There is electrum as well, but let’s not talk about that.  No one speaks about electrum.

Gold pieces are kind of the base. Everything else is measured off of that. Think of it like the dollar. Coins are percentages of the dollar, while other bills are multiples of it. Continue reading “CrumblingUpKeep: Gold Pieces are Boring”

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Alazard the Wicked

   There are many thieves guilds and gangs in Varrek, but it is said they all pay homage to one man: Alazard the Wicked. Publically, Alazard in a merchant, though all know where his true fortune comes from: He is the king of the Varrekian underworld. No large transactions or deals escape his notice. The thieves of Varrek have a saying: steal what you will, but give Alazard his due.


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Cult of the Twins

   Long before Varekussius came to be known, the twins Druhaus and Mugan were worshiped as the gods of magic and knowledge. Legend says that Qua Jon, an Elf, was the first mage of the Samsarras. He was gifted his great magic by the twins so that he may teach others the ways of the arcane. Despite the Elves of current day worshiping the dragon gods of their lands, all know this legend well.

Continue reading “Cult of the Twins”

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Tur Drexlinth

   Located on the far southern outreach of the city, Tur Drexlinth is home to Sharar Mon Karra. Sharar is a powerful and reclusive necromancer said to travel the city in many differnt guises. The Del Harun, a tribe of warrior merchants who travel the eastern part of Qua’lorn, have a saying: “Every man, woman, and child meets Sharar Mon Karra once.” Continue reading “Tur Drexlinth”

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The House of Nothings

   The House of Nothings lays a quarter mile outside of Varrek proper atop a small rocky outcropping. It is ruled by the Council of the Veil which consists of Cillehartly, Annatree Slipbound, and Cartania the Brass. All three are master illusionists.

   Cillehartly is an elderly Gnomish woman, bent of spine and slow of speech. Originally from Gnomehome, Cillehartly came to Varrek when the city was still young. She made the pilgrimage to pledge her services to Varekussius in exchange for magical knowledge. They have been close ever since. Continue reading “The House of Nothings”

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The House of 1000 Doors

“One thousand doors, but never one.”
Del Harun Saying

   The House of a Thousand doors is said to be connected to the outside realms. If the fireside tales told late at night in the taverns are to be believed, one can find a doorway to any place or perhaps even any time if they know where to look. There are not many that can verify that information as there are no visible doors on the outside of the structure. Continue reading “The House of 1000 Doors”

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Temple of the Afrah

   The temple of Afrah, located a few miles outside of Varrek,  is old. Those that reside in it now are not the original occupants. If they know who those occupants were, they are not saying.

   Centuries ago, the Dark Elf Marzzit fled from his own people. He would eventually come upon the ancient pyramid in what would one day be known as Varrek. He lived alone in the temple for five centuries before once again emerging, much changed from when he entered. In his absence, the city of Varrek had sprung forth from the desert. He named the pyramid The Temple of Afrah and began to recruit followers from the near by city. Continue reading “Temple of the Afrah”

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   Varekussius has scales of gleaming white, a perfect match for the dolomite domes they lord over in their city of Varrek. This dragon god is quadrupedal with great feathered wings sprouting from their back, the feathers sporting a rainbow hue of colors providing stark contrast to the rest of their body. This is not their only similarity to an avian, however. Their face is chicken like, a squat beak protruding form it. Two hypnotic blue eyes peer out over the bill.  Continue reading “Varekussius”

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The Kiradal

   The Kiradal are a small tribe of nomadic dark elves who travel Qua’Lorn throughout the desert nights. Led by an ancient Dark Elf named Vhurrenna, none are sure what has brought them to live on the surface of the world instead of its depths. They are constantly crossing the sands for some unknown purpose.

   Vhurrenna identifies as male, which is strange among the Dark Elves. Their society is matriarchal, just as the Avriel society is. This may have something to do with their flight from the dark tunnels below. Rumors circulate that it was the result of some sort of rebellion, though any one who knows the truth of the matter is keeping their lips sealed. Continue reading “The Kiradal”

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The Anjasta

   Wyrlynth is said to be a carnal creature. It is easy to believe when you look at the make up of the Anjasta, a nomadic tribe that frequents the wastes around Zan Zan Turina. While largely Orcs, there are also The Blooded. From a distance, The Blooded would easily be mistaken for humans. When one gets closer, however, it is apparent that they are much more.

   The Blooded have many small pits in their skin, about the size of an eye. Many claim that this is proof that they are born of Wyrlynth herself, for who else could be responsible than the Thousand Eyed Serpent? Others laugh at this, stating that a defect of birth is far from a concrete tie. The Blooded tend to stay silent on such matters.  Continue reading “The Anjasta”

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   Wyrlynth is lady and protector of Zan Zan Turina. In her draconic form, The Eternal Wyrm is snake like, without wings or appendages. Two massive horns protrude from her head. The elder Drake, having complete control over her size, can grow to such a magnitude that she dwarfs all other dragons of the world. Yet, at her smallest, she is the size of a tiny snake. Her size at any given moment is not her most impressive feature, however.

Continue reading “Wyrlynth”

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Zan Zan Turina

   The City of Sin. The Den of the Snake. The Blood Sands. Zan Zan Turina is known by all of these names. It sits in the middle of Qua’ Lorn, it’s walls standing in defiance to the world. It lays upon the only known mine of darkstone, the rock that the gnomes refine into gunpowder. It also hosts multiple gem mines as well as a gold mine. It’s wealth makes this singular city more powerful than many nations.  Continue reading “Zan Zan Turina”

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   Shilan was an ancient human empire that spanned Qua’Lorn and parts of Sunisia. It was the strong hold of the demons power, a land where every city held a different fiend in highest esteem. Dark deeds were done under a jungle canopy so dense and tangled that the people of the land rarely saw day light.  Continue reading “Shilan”