Before all things, there was the void, the realm of Sribinet. It would become the demon realm and birth the first of its kind. Braxult, Queen of Death and Peace, would create the world below, the Isles of Samsarras. They would torture the races of their making and bask in their screams. The songs of agony floated into the heavens.

In time, the Demons grew complacent and distracted. As their creation floated largely forgotten among the stars, eyes were watching from the realm of Yurilda. The Astar Uln, the companion gods, had found Samsarras. They came and traveled the lands, healing old wounds where they found them. Civilization flourished. A golden era reigned for many.

It was not to last. Eventually, the demons noticed what had happened in their absence. They saw their creation slipping away from them. The demon wars began, and the Isles were flooded with evil creatures. Empires rose up to worship the returning dark lords. It is said the Astar Uln were driven from the land to hide. A long age of darkness ensued.

Qua’Jon was an elf who was long lived even for his people. He had brought magic to Samsarras through the knowledge of the Astar Uln. The elf’s gaze had drifted through the planes, looking for one that might help the dark and fragile world. The infinite Aerie of Dragon Kind opened to his mind. Qua’Jon unraveled some of the very thread that held the world together, opening a doorway to this realm, an act that consumed him.

From the doorway emerged dragon kind to turn back the demons. The war ravaged the Isles, destroying whole empires and laying waste to once rich countrysides. Many of the races of the planet rose up to fight along side their new saviors, the visage of these scaled beasts giving hope to the world weary. So it was that the demons were driven from the world in turn.

The Dragons that saved the land installed themselves as its new gods. The Astar Uln were largely forgotten. In the present day, there are many that even think the demons are but myth. New empires were built upon the bones of the old. Evil continues to fester in the dark forgotten places, however. It bubbles up, threatening to consume the Isle’s heart. As nation turns on nation and faction upon faction, heroes are still needed to fight the forgotten battle against the darkness that weaves through it all.

This is one version of the story, at least…

The Isles of Samsarras is a bright and vibrant fantasy world stretched over a gritty and dark frame. It is medium to low fantasy where powerful magic and mighty heroes are thought to be relics of ages past. Real wizards are rare and feared, and the common townsfolk are helpless against the dark creatures that stalk the world past their walls.

Think of dark, misty woods. Think of old forgotten caverns that smell of must and decay. Think of forgotten tribes, descended into madness. Old shrines stand dedicated to disease, death, war, and greed. The demons spread their influence in secret and many dangerous relics of the old times wait to be uncovered again.

The world has largely forgotten the evil it turned back and follows its new gods without question. Rich cultures float unknowingly upon the surface of dark waters, not knowing the wickedness that continually threatens to break through. Heroes in this world can expect to feel heroic, but not without sacrifice and cost. In time, most will see some of their ideals fall, all the while believing it to be for the greater good.

These are the Isles of Samsarras.

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