Creation- Myth of the Demons, Part 2: The Betrayal

Creation- Myth of the Demons, Part 2: The Betrayal

   Time passed in Sribinet and it did not, as is the way in the demon realm. The passage of ages was not as mortals would one day know. The three grew to adulthood, and they became envious of their parents. Luln wished to be father. Braxult wished to be mother. Erethalion only wished for change. Together, the siblings conspired.

   One day, Jeragroth came to inflict harm on the three, for his pleasure and that of the darkness.

   “Stand, my children, for I would rend your flesh. Stand, my children, for I would see your blood. Stand, my children, for I would hear your screams.

   Luln sat.

   “ I will not, father, for I would rather scream in anger than pain.”

   With that, Jeragroth charged forward in rage.

   Erethalion sat.

   “I will not, father, for I choose not to.”

   With that, Jeragroth stumbled, his legs failing beneath him.

   Braxult Sat.

   “I will not, father, for I would see you rest.”

   With that, she stood, brandishing a hidden blade. It flashed forward and sunk deep into his chest. He gasped twice before becoming ever still.

   The siblings rejoiced, for their tormentor was slain. Sribinet now belonged to them.


   Braxult took the body of her father, as was her duty. She reached into Sribinet and created an endless feasting hall made of wood and bone. She again unsheathed her hidden blade and separated Jeragroth’s soul from his body. She cast his body away from her with such strength that it left Sribinet and became adrift in the nameless spaces. His soul, she placed at the head of an endless table.


   “Here you shall sit, father, until all is done.


   Your drink shall be dust, your food shall be ash.


   You will gain companions one day, and they shall be as you.


   Silent and waiting, until all comes to an end.”


   And there she left him to wait.


   Erethalion had all they desired. All of the future had been freed from the time of destiny. All that had been sure was no longer so. They climbed upon a throne of sand with ever shifting grains. There, they waited.


  Luln was free. There was none to stop his rage. All across Sribinet, he caused destruction and pain. Where his siblings crossed his path, they suffered. Where his mother was to be found, she wept from his fury.


   And she was pleased.


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