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Random Encounters with DM Dix and Crumbling James


Learn what to do (and what not to do) with Random Encounters. We did a deep dive into Random Encounters from the ground up. When to use them, how to use them in a variety of types of games and where they just don’t work. 


Dix brings up danger numbers, an amazing, unique system for Encounters, and James makes an amazing (free) offer so you can level up your encounters  and never have “2d4 goblins” again.

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Harbak the Minotaur’s Home Goods

Harbak the Minotaur towers over most of his human customers, and gets incredibly upset over any attempt to haggle, deeming it an affront to his honor, akin to accusing him of theft.

Harbak’s Incense………………3sp

This incense smells strongly of smoky peat (as does Harbak’s fur.)

Blood-Stained Blades……….5gp

Harbak has various used swords. They have deteriorated past the point of use, but he assures you that they’ll look good above your doorway.


Harbak works the leather himself to make these intricately designed eyepatches.

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The Dungeon 0

Draven the Hunter’s Wild Meats

Draven’s market stand is a food connoisseur’s delight. The hunter is a wiry woman dressed in well-worn traveling gear who doesn’t have much to say – until you ask her about her favorite recipes. She has devoted her life to bringing down the most unique game and butchering it for market. Her wares aren’t cheap, but where else will you find Eyebeast Roast?

Draven’s Special Ground- 5gp

Whatever odds and ends Draven ends up with goes into this mixed mince.

Ankheg Stew Chunks- 15gp

The meat from this monstrosity has a rich, earthy flavor that pairs well with mushrooms.

Eyebeast Roast- 50gp

The meat from this monster isn’t exactly very tasty… but it is rare.

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