Random Encounters with DM Dix and Crumbling James

Discover how to use Random Encounters without derailing your game. DM Dix and Crumbing James pulled back the veil on random encounters to help you use them in your games. We went over the basics (as well as some advanced techniques) so you can level up your random encounters.

  • What is a Random Encounter? – When to use them (and when not to).
  • The secret to not railroading the players.
  • Random Encounters by region. – Balance: What is it good for?
  • Triggers: Hard vs Soft.
  • A complete system for using random encounters in your game.
  • Leveled up Random Encounters like no other.
  • A free offer to take the work out of encounters!

Get ready to take notes because you’re not going to want to miss a thing.