Elementor #19768

Elementor #19768

 The soldier, he did break her heart

    and left upon a ferry.

    But what do you want from a Lechburg man?

    They were never meant to marry. 

    She left upon a road that night, all rain and mist and mud

    and walked beside the olden river that had begun to flood.

And so it was she came to a bridge,

    the waters below in rage,

    and so she thought, upon the bridge,

    she’d never reach old age.


    Upon the railing, she did climb, and looked to the depths below;

    what happened next, folks will guess, but they will never know.

    She was never seen again,

    after that fateful splash—

    so let this be a lesson to all Lechberg men,

    You are all an ass!

A 5E Hexcrawl of Doom

The Darkfrost comes rolling out of the mountains on the longest night of the year. The goal of the adventure isn’t to save the world or right what is wrong.

No, It’s much simpler than that.

The only thing you have to do this Tenarlian is Survive.