Abuse is Not a Game

It’s been quite a week in the RPG world. An abuser was outed unequivocally as an abuser that has often tried to silence others in the community. I don’t know that I have much to say that hasn’t already been said in ways much better than I could, so I’ll say this.

Support gaming companies run by women and POC. Here are two great options.

Buried Without Ceremony

The Quiet Year is one of the most interesting and novel RPGs I’ve ever played. No GM needed and great for one shots.

Darker Hue Studios

Their Harlem Unbound book for Call of Cthulhu won mad ennies last year. Chaosium is publishing a second edition. It’s a fantastic book and should be on your shelf.

We’ll get back to our normal UpKeep spiel next week. At the moment, give these deserving folks your attention.