Game Masters

Tips for the Bold

Describe Your Combat

“I rolled a 17. Does that hit?” “Yeah. Roll for damage.” “Okay, that’s… 8 points of piercing and 6 points of radiant damage.” “Okay, next player…” Sound familiar? Combat starts

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Tips I learned from wrestling.

By now, we’ve started season two of Tales from the Tower on Twitch. We’re playing World Wide Wrestling, a game about being a professional wrestler. We’ve had a blast getting

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Roll a Backstory

Having trouble coming up with a character backstory? Grab yourself a d20 and give it a roll. Now you have something to go off of. Some of these are a

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The First Time GM

Sending your PC into hordes of rampaging monsters: easily done without a second thought. Wielding Magic that has the potential to tear worlds apart: Sure, what is the worst that

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Starting a New Campaign.

This article builds heavily upon the previous one which spoke about what to do before and during session zero. You can find it here. At this point, if you’ve gone

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Session 0, Before and After

Starting a new campaign can be a daunting and exciting task. There is a whole new story to create! Where do you start? What about character creation? Should you have a session zero?

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