It is Tenarlian, the winter solstice. On this, the longest night, the veil is at its thinnest. The demons who created the world wait at the barriers to burst through and spread misery and woe. Strange beasts stalk humanoid prey, seeking the flesh born of civilization. None are safe on this eve.

As such, the elves eat a meager meal and then retire to their rooms in silence, allowed only a single candle to light their way. It is best to not attract the notice of the dark things that linger, so they hide. In the morning, there will be feasts of celebration as the sun returns. First, however, they must survive the night.

Tenarlian is your heavy metal elf Christmas adventure for 5e and is available two different ways for you convenience. First, you can buy a traditional PDF over at Drive Thru RPG and Itch, complete with premade characters to make this one shot as easy as possible to run. It contains two beautiful maps of three story Elgolor manor, as well as new monsters, magic items, and a grim dark adventure to keep your holidays jolly.

Tenarlian is also available for our Traveler’s Guide to Samsarras subscribers. You can run it right from our website with the help of our interactive map and links for your players to their own hub of resources. You also get access to the rest of our Traveller’s Guide content, which includes piles of monsters, lore, adventure hooks, and so many maps.

Whichever you choose, be careful. If you come into Samsarras on this, the longest of nights, I can’t promise you’ll leave.