The Tower in the Ice

The Tower in the Ice

The Tower in the Ice

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The evil goblin warlord, Irkendrun, recently led an attack on the village of Nethurn, killing many dwarves. You and your companions have tracked them through ice and snow, finally forcing them to take refuge in an old and forgotten tower. It seems that the goblins might not be the biggest threat, however…

The Tower in the Ice is a Crumbling Keep adventure. Adopting a dark tone with roots in Sword and Sorcery, The Tower in the Ice explores ancient threats and pits the characters against the unknown. What terrors truly lurk within the tower?

This is Crumbling Keep game!

Crumbling Keep is a RPG company that produces a vast variety of RPG media. We make videos, blog posts, podcasts, streaming shows, and more! DM James has had decades of experience running games. He believes in story over mechanics and that player decisions should be the driving force of the game.

This is not an adventurer league game. Any official D&D Source material is useable, though unofficial material is not. Characters will be 1st level. This game is open to new and experienced players alike.

The nuts and bolts:
Hate speech of any type is not tolerated at the table. Saying it was a joke does not excuse it.
All players deserve equal time. Please do not speak over other players and make sure they get their chance in the spotlight as well. We understand that people get excited. That’s good! If people are excited, it is a good game! We just want to make sure everyone gets an equal chance to express that excitement.
Your deposit saves your spot at the table. Because of the limited nature of space available, it is non-refundable.
This game will require payment of $20.00

You Can Apply Here: https://10to8.com/book/bqnaitidseukbdaawskrt-free/590272/