The Elgolor Household

This is a list of the persons in the Elgolor Household. All of the PCs are familiar enough with the house that they would know these people. 

  • Axilya Elgolor (She, Her)- The Matriarch of house Elgolor. She lays in her chambers on the top floor, likely dying. 
  • Axilan Elgolor (He, Him)– The youngest child. He fears the dark and the stories he’s heard of Tenarlian. 
  • Gondelle Elgolor (She, Her)– Axilan’s older sister. She is the middle child with Cyrindelle being the eldest. 
  • Tadion Elgolor (He, Him)- Son of Axilya and father of Cyrindelle, Gondelle, and Axilan. He is fond of an evening glass of wine before bed. 
  •  Myrinor Elgolor (She, Her)- Wife of Tadion and mother of the children. She came from the borderlands on the Isle of Winter.
  • Demuna Elgolor (He, Him)- Axilya’s late husband. He has been dead a long time now. 
  • Clerin Trivis (He, Him)- Clerin has been hired by the Elgolor family to look after Axilya in her final days. He has rarely allowed her any visitors. 
  • Cyrindelle Elgolor (PC: They, Them)- Eldest child of Tadion and Myrinor. They have recently returned form war. 
  • Amadion Lynier Essifect (PC: He, Him)– A stern and grim elf priest who has come to attend to Axilya in her dying moments. 
  • Illivand Turin (PC: She, Her)- A mysterious Dezeldenian who has arrived at the manor for unknown reasons. Axilya commanded she have room and board before her illness worsened. 
  • Leaf’s Dew (PC: They, Them)– Leaf’s Dew is a courtesan from House Earth charged with looking after the children on this night. 
  • Polnus Ovron (PC: He, Him)- A Godsinger, renowned for his bladecraft. He has been hired to stand guard outside the children’s room this eve.
  • Valund Brinelle )PC: She, Her)- Valund is Elgolor Manor’s cook, though it is rumored she had another life before that. 

Player Characters

For this module, each player will choose one of the following characters. Please, only read the character you are choosing to play. Doing otherwise might give you information that you shouldn’t have.

A note on gender: If you would rather your PC be a different gender, change it. It’s as simple as that. Just respect the gender choices of the rest of the players.

Player Map

All of you have been in the manor long enough to know it’s layout.