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Crumbling UpKeep 0

Crumbling UpKeep: Playing Online

Nothing beats sitting around the table with your friends and playing games. It’s great to be face to face and riff off of each other, planning out rounds on a grid board and playing off of each others jokes. Share a drink or two and you have a nice low key evening full of adventure with, hopefully, some of your favorite people.

Sometimes your people aren’t in the same town, however.

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Crumbling UpKeep: D&D&Anxiety

Mental health has a stigma surrounding it. We all know this. It’s a tough thing to talk about, which makes it a tough thing to deal with. I’ve urged many a friend to open up and spent a good amount of time letting people know that their feelings are valid and that they aren’t their anxiety. Sometimes just being heard makes it a little better, takes the edge off. Sometimes talking about it helps.

I’ve found this advice much easier to follow when I’m on the listening side than the talking side, however.

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A Traveler’s Guide to Samsarras: Alazard the Wicked

   There are many thieves guilds and gangs in Varrek, but it is said they all pay homage to one man: Alazard the Wicked. Publically, Alazard in a merchant, though all know where his true fortune comes from: He is the king of the Varrekian underworld. No large transactions or deals escape his notice. The thieves of Varrek have a saying: steal what you will, but give Alazard his due.


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