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The Grand Mithraeum: Enter the Dungeon!

Beneath the Grand Mithraeum lies twisting catacombs and dark dungeons. Those who know the truth of what lies below it are set on protecting its secrets. The past kings, queens, and lamanes lay entombed beneath the temple, as well as ancient artifacts that the dragon gods would prefer remain forgotten.

This week, we delve into the top floor of this dungeon. The goal is to have a new floor every week, complete with NPCs, monsters, treasures, puzzles, and a bunch of other cool stuff. The rumors of treasure might be enough to get PCs to venture below, but they’ll eventually find why it is guarded so strongly…

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The Grand Mithraeum, 3rd Floor

This week, we bring you the 3rd Floor of the Grand Mithraeum. This one introduces some of the higher ups in the temples and gives you some cool stated NPCs to add into the game. Only the top floor remains, and that’s the home of the radiant dragon gods themselves. Until then, visit the sleeping quarters of the acolytes and find out about the movers and shakers of the biggest temple in elven lands.

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The Sweet Pine Inn, a good place to find books and a helpful NPC

The Sweet Pine inn is one of the more delightful places we’ve made. A balcony overlooking a river, a room full of books, fresh eggs… I mean, I think I was doing some personal wants projections on this one. While maybe not the place for an adventure, it’s definitely a place to rest afterwards. Don’t worry, the dangers of Samsarras are coming real soon. In the interim, have yourself a rest in Sweet Pine.

View the interactive map here!

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The City of Dane Caelen- A resource for GMs and PCs to explore with maps, NPCS, and more!

The third map in our interactive atlas series has arrived, and it’s a big one! You can use it to get info on all the locations on the map, but you can click to zoom into the Dreaming Veil, Ankhor’s Dive, and more to come! You’ll find adventure hooks, npcs, encounter tables, and more. We’ll be adding more locations in the coming weeks! If you want to run an urban game, this is your resource.

Click here to visit!