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The Dungeon 0

The Hunt is Over

Can you survive the longest night?

A horror adventure for level 1 characters in 5E. It’s the eve of the Winter Solstice, the longest night of the year. The Dwarves of the valley drink strong spirits and keep their fires burning bright to drive back the darkness. This year, that won’t be enough.

Tenarlian: The Dying of the Light is an adventure with a simple goal: survive.

That will be harder than you think.

The Dungeon 0

Elementor #19768

 The soldier, he did break her heart

    and left upon a ferry.

    But what do you want from a Lechburg man?

    They were never meant to marry. 

    She left upon a road that night, all rain and mist and mud

    and walked beside the olden river that had begun to flood.

And so it was she came to a bridge,

    the waters below in rage,

    and so she thought, upon the bridge,

    she’d never reach old age.


    Upon the railing, she did climb, and looked to the depths below;

    what happened next, folks will guess, but they will never know.

    She was never seen again,

    after that fateful splash—

    so let this be a lesson to all Lechberg men,

    You are all an ass!

A 5E Hexcrawl of Doom

The Darkfrost comes rolling out of the mountains on the longest night of the year. The goal of the adventure isn’t to save the world or right what is wrong.

No, It’s much simpler than that.

The only thing you have to do this Tenarlian is Survive.

The Dungeon 0

The Dead Mirror

Death on the Winter Solstice


The Winter Solstice is a time of celebration for the dwarves, a time of bright lights and warming beverages to drive back the darkness. 

But what do you do when the darkness comes?


Tenarlian: The Dying of the Light is a survival hexcrawl oneshot. Try and live through the night as the actual darkness chases you through a secluded mountain valley. 


Can you survive?

The Dungeon 0

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

Get in line, Rogue

Marching Order is our Solo/co-op Dungeon Delving series. Think Choose Your Own Adventure had a baby with Darkest Dungeons and raised it on cheap booze and desperation. 


Yeah, we take ourselves real seriously around here. 


Get in the dungeon, try not to die, and see how much loot you can carry away. You know you’re only going to spend it all at the tavern anyway.

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Petals on an Empty Grave

During their travels, the PCs find a strange garden. Perhaps it is in the ruins of an old manor house or alongside a river they are traveling near, far from anything else. It is largely overgrown. Perhaps strangest of all, no matter what time of day it is, it appears to be dusk within it’s crumbling gates. In the middle of the garden is what remains of some sort of stone monument, and in front of that, a single black poppy grows. Gold sap drips down its stem.

If any PC takes it, it’ll live for five days. During that time, candles will extinguish when they enter a room. The brightest fire will only cast dim light. Even at high noon on a sunny day, the character sees as if the world is in shadow.

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They Know your Name!

When exploring some location in the dark domain, the PCs find a rolled-up scroll. Place it anywhere the PCs are searching that doesn’t already have an item in it. When a character unrolls it, they see a simple phrase: “Beware the fire on the Tenth Night.” Oddly, no other player character can see the words.

Whenever that PC meets an NPC, the NPC refers to them by name. If questioned, they can’t quite say why they know the PC’s name. When parting ways, the NPC will repeat the phrase on the scroll. They immediately lose all memory that they did so.

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The Dream Collector

At some point, when the PCs find treasure, they notice some of the gold pieces are in a currency they don’t recognize. There is a skull stamped upon the coins. They radiate no magic, and there is nothing out of the ordinary about them. No one else in the domain they are in recognizes the symbol.

A week after they take the treasure, any PC who has one of the coins starts having dreams of their past at night, reliving memories. In the background of these dreams skulks a tall woman with a large top hat. Where her face should be is only a smooth expanse of skin. She’ll open a container (drawers, boxes, sacks) and pull a bone from it and then disappear. She’ll do this every night in a different dream.

She cannot be approached and does not react to the PCs.

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The Dungeon 0

The Sound of Hooves

Every day around dusk, the PCs hear the sound of thundering hooves approaching from behind them. A DC 16 Survival or Perception check would reveal that the sound comes from a singular animal. When they begin looking for the source of the sound, it stops. No amount of investigation can find its source.

After a week or so of this, they come upon what appears to be a deserted farm. A horse can be heard whinnying from within a scorched barn as a man yells for help, claiming to be on fire. If the PCs go into the barn, they find the charred remains of horse and rider.

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