Caelen Myracentta

She/Her- Princess Caelen Myracentta, also known as the Adventuring Princess, was the aunt of Queen Caelen Dicelle and sister of King Caelen Gaelote. Her official responsibilities were few and the Princess did not take well to a life of leisure. Against the wishes of many of her family, she became an adventurer and traveled the face of Samsarras. She would return every few years, only to eventually be taken again by wanderlust.

Because of her outgoing nature, she was often a diplomat for The Sylvan Kingdom. She often would sail for the Dwarven Kingdoms and was essential in maintaining them as the historically strong elven allies they were known as. It was whispered among the citizens that she developed a love for many of their customs, including roast meats and strong drink. Those that had the pleasure of seeing her drink knew this to be true.

None know what became of her. She set sail for Dezeldenia with a small group of Mercanaries for reasons she did not explain. She never returned from that trip and all expeditions to find out her fate failed. Princess Caelen Menarise delighted at stories of her from a young age and seems to be following in her foot steps. It is said the Princess believes her aunt may still be alive. Any that could find such information would be very well rewarded.

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