They/Them- Originally Tiernal Nievenal, the elf was always a gifted swordsman. They were the child of a soldier that fought in the first war against the Avriel. Nievenal had no desire to follow that same path, however.

Having been taught the art of the long sword by their mother, the elf divided their time between training and worship at the temple of Brenisch. It is only through a bit of fate that Nievenal became known for their sword as opposed to their songs and poetry. They saw no difference between sword play and their other artistic disciplines.

In their 5th century of life, they founded their own sword school outside of the frame work of the elvish army. They were not taught to fight as platoons. Instead, their style prioritized defense and attack on all sides. They would sing to keep rhythm and their dance was deadly.

Nievenal called it the God Song and it’s adherents were Godsingers. They trained some of the most deadly fighters in The Sylvan Kingdom and scattered disciples can still be found today.

Nievenal spent much of the demon war as a bodyguard, protecting important elves from assassination. Their services, as well as their disciples, were in high demand. It is said they once fought off a group of nine demon worshipers to save King Caelen Yilustroth, receiving only scratches. The first Godsingers reputation was already legendary when they made their greatest achievement.

After the Demon Wars, the Sylvan Kingdom was greatly weakened. The radiant dragons departed to a secret location for a short time to nurse wounds and plan. It was at this time that Mirlethians came on boats, led by the Ancient Fire Drake known as Char. Knowing that the elves had suffered greatly during the war, they sought to seize the opportunity and take the capital. There was none left that could stand in their way.

Or so they thought. While the army scrambled to ready for the threat, the boats were met by Nievenal and his Godsingers. The shores of Dane Caelen ran red with blood. While their initial assault cut down many of the red haired berserkers, the Godsingers began to fall in large numbers. Char was laying waste to the sea side buildings, greatly damaging the light house barracks of the army.

Nievenal had fought many beasts in their time. They spent much time dissecting them afterwards, studying their innards. The elf leaped from an embankment, driving their sword through the dragons neck. Liquid fire rained from the wound and Char found himself unable to use his breath weapon. Clambering along the dragons back, the next strike was aimed at his wings, tearing the fleshy membrane that allowed the dragon to hold itself aloft.

Nievenal was already driving his sword into the dragons skull by the time it crashed into the earth.

Nievenal was given the title “God Slayer” and was venerated as a hero. There are some in present day that advocate for the removal of their body from The Grand Mithraeum due to the current reputation of the Godsingers, but it seems the temple has no plan to do so.

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