Caelen Yilustroth

He/HimCaelen Yilustroth was an Avriel, a winged elf. He had a seat on the high council and was the patriarch of his family. His was often a dissenting voice when it came to decisions in the council. His supporters say it was because he was against complacency and wanted to be ready when the demons returned. His detractors say otherwise, claiming he used politics as a means to seize more power.

Tensions eventually came to a head and the Avriel became involved in a civil war. The house of Symithus and their followers were on one side, and the house of Caelen and their followers were on the other. In the narratives told of this time, the skies were said to rain blood as the winged elves fell upon each other with their glass swords. Siblings were slain and buildings were burned. It was the first war Samsarras ever knew and it was one of the bloodiest.

When it finished, House Caelen had lost. All of that house were rounded up, as were their biggest supporters. Their wings were amputated from their backs and they were left to live in the dirt. The Avriel cut all ties with their earthbound brethren. The High Elves would never fly again.

Many of the families that had supported House Caelen now held them in contempt. It was their arrogance that had led to this. The Avriel had been the most advanced civilization, and had that not been their downfall? They left the site of the fall, losing themselves in the woods. Cities were a place where evil festered and they would not make that mistake again. These elves became the wild elves.

The rest of the elves constructed a city where they had fallen. This was how Dane Caelen was born. Caelen Yilusthroth would be their king for the next 1600 years, living past the lifespan of any known elf. The elves were fruitful and multiplied, filling The Sylvan Kingdom. Yilusthroth would never have an heir.

The war had left Yilusthroth paranoid. He required all construction in Dane Caelen to be topped with domes and twisting spires to protect from any threats from the heaven. Dane Caelen would always have a standing military and he started the first school of magic as to have mages to defend them from their enemies. While many worried about the mental state of their king, these measures quickly paid off.

Human raiders from Mirlethia found The Sylvan Kingdom after only a few hundred years. If it was not for the amassed army, they would have easily raised it to the ground. The raiders from Mirlethia would be a constant threat throughout the years, as the short lived humans would die and a new generation would attempt the conquest. Yilusthroth was certain they were in league with their ancient winged enemies.

The king has no one that was truly close to him, his wife having died during the war with the Avriel . He withdrew further and further into his palace, eventually not even having audience with Gaelote, his own brother. His servants would report that they would hear the king speaking to himself, sometimes in fearful tones and other times in fits of laughter.

When last he emerged from the temple, it was the day that the demon wars began. He stood on the balcony, gazing up into the sunny sky and smiling, as the Avriel city of Narthuk fell through the sky toward The Sylvan Kingdom. His attendants watched as he calmly walked back inside.

His body was found in his chambers, sprawled out across the floor. A dagger protruded from his stomach. On the wall, not five feet from where he lay, were demonic symbols, sketched in his blood. His daughter, Caelen Breena was gone. She would become the first Deep Elf. The mystery of his death remains unsolved.

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