Caelen Gaelote

He/HimKing Caelen Gaelote was the second king of The Sylvan Kingdom. He was the nephew of Caelen Yilustroth, as none of the first king’s children survived him (other than the one which will not be named.) His long rule marked a turning point for the Sylvan Kingdom. Gaelote saw the elves through the demon wars, the new Dragon Gods, and the rebuilding that followed. Though not always popular, he tried to protect his people at all turns.

There are many who hold hard feelings for Gaelote, as he did nothing to stand up against the church’s early transgressions nor did he recognize the Astar Uln once the dragons appeared. Despite his long reign, the last century of his life did the most to contribute to his legacy. After having his daughter, the king strove to create a bright future for The Sylvan Kingdom and became known as The Healer King.

He was survived by his daughter, Queen Caelen Dicelle.

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