High Lamane

She/herElduin was the first High Lamane of the Sylvan Kingdom. There was a time during the Demon Wars where the walls of Fierduin were besieged by goblins. Food supplies were running low and desperation was running high. The citizenry gathered outside the temple of Tadis to pray continually for the gods return, so that they may lead the elves against the demon spawn.

Elduin did not attend, as she had taken sick. Lack of food and medicine had taken their toll and she was bed ridden with terrible fevers. The town elders were making plans to open the gate to the goblins in hopes for mercy when Elduin began having visions. The elf had gone blind from the fever, saying that all they could see when her eyes opened was brilliant, radiant light.

Her fevered visions centered around the radiant dragons that had appeared in the world. Sick and possibly dying, she drug herself from bed to preach to the praying citizens, claiming that the true gods were coming. She suffered thrown stones for her efforts.

One eve, a huge fire broke out on the southern wall of Fierduin. The goblins gathered en masse, waiting for the wall to fall. As the city waited to fall, the citizens were suddenly blinded by a brilliant, radiant light. When their vision cleared, Niteless, Speaker of Storms flew among the goblins, killing them by the legion.

When the battle finished, Elduin climbed atop the mostly ruined wall. She spoke with Niteless, Speaker of Storms for a moment, though no records of the content of this conversation exist. She then mounted the dragon and flew off.

During the last days of the war, Elduin made her way to Dane Caelen and founded The Grand Mithraeum. She had spend much of the war spreading the word of The Dragon Gods, converting a nation that desperately needed heroes. She never forgot the stones thrown at her by the followers of Tadis, however. The High Lamane would always treat the remaining worshipers of the Astar Uln with disgust.

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