High Lamane

He/Him- High Lamane Cindrasal was the second High Lamane of the Sylvan Kingdom. His was a strange time. Before him, the church was seen by many as a threatening entity. The dragons that had driven the demons from Samsarras were portrayed as vengeful gods. The Lamanes of that era were as driven by fear as they were reverence, and they had no problem passing that fright onto the populace to ensure the worship of their chosen gods.

High Lamane Cindrasal saw things differently, believing that violence was but one facet of their gods. He enjoyed a long and pleasant friendship with Eimrag the Joyful. The pair spent many hours in the late evening sun on the balcony of The Grand Mithraeum. He was beloved by the populace and did much to heal the divide between wood elves and high elves.

Cindrasal largely ignored the tunnels beneath The Grand Mithraeum, eventually appointing a mage to deal with it. While he was aware of what Currasant Amunias Silverblade had done, his compartmentalization allowed him to do nothing about it, effectively sealing off the tunnels from public memory.

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