the Taken

He/Him- Eimithral was the son of Eimrag the Joyful and was one of the few true paladins. He was a kind and giving soul, utterly devoted to the elves that worshiped his father and aunt. Unlike many, he held no ill will toward those who continued to worship the Astar Uln. He was beloved by all.

One autumn, he led a contingent of Silverhelms north of the city, chasing a demon cult as it fled. None heard from them for many months. Eimrag began to search for his son, flying day and night, scanning the wilds to the north.

He eventually found him. It was a clear field of dark decaying grass. The body parts of the cultists and Silverhelms alike were laid out in a huge occult pattern. In the middle of it was the body of Eimithral, broken and torn.

Eimrag returned his body to Dane Caelen. The Dragon God disappeared for a month before returning to public life. Never did he mention the atrocity, always keeping his joyful air about him. There are priests who say The Grand Mithraeum was filled with horrible howling those nights. None are brave enough to inquire about this at the source.

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