Light's Shadow

They/Them- Crithenth, Light’s Shadow was one of the first known Radiant Dragon Gods of the Sylvan Kingdom. They were very active in the demon wars and were often ridden by Curramane Tsingrelle, the first Curramane (Religious leader of the Silverhelms). The pair was on the forefront of most major battles during the war and were responsible for the death of Teranot itself.

After the war, the Dragon God was seldom seen in public, spending most of their time in a lair in the wilds. Curramane Tsingrelle was reported to visit them monthly, each time looking more haggard and world weary upon their return.

The death of Crithenth, Light’s Shadow was announced two months after the the dragon had died, after their bones had been interred beneath The Grand Mithraeum. Details were never spoken of. It is generally understood that they watch over the world from the next realm, continuing their status as a god, even in death.

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