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of the

He/Him–  Völkhor Longsmock has long lost his fighting shape at this point, though none of his heft. His rotund stomach bulges under his apron and his cheeks and nose are always flushed red. His red and grey speckled beard is long, coarse, and untamed, a counterpoint to the many well groomed dwarven beards that are the norm. He’s quite bearish and generally conveys a sloppy joviality. Many that witness him in the guise of this happy fool underestimate his cunning.

Völkhor may have lost his fighting figure, but he’s lost little of his fighting muscles and often spends hours chopping the wood for the hearth and lighthouse with his old double bitted battle axe.

Perhaps more dangerous than the axe is his mind, however. Völkhor is capable of great plots and remembers most every detail. If skill at intrigue  was coupled with any amount of ambition past the excesses of food, drink, and men, it might be dangerous.

He does not hail from the Sylvan Isles, however. Völkhor Longsmock was the son of a smuggler, born on the seas and raised by the waves. He learned as much of the trade as possible with his mother. He served on a pirate vessel for a while offering his skill set to the captain for a decent cut. As a sellsword he was specialized in Amphibious landings and night infiltrations due to his time with the pirates.

He/Him- Doograden “Jingles” Cranhappen is a  gnome. He was formerly an indentured servant on the pirate ship, Silwyn’s Grave.  The gnome did the cataloging and bookkeeping for the pirate captain, passing out the shares of treasure and estimating the worth of captured gems and other plunder. Völkhor served upon the same ship. The dwarf took to protecting the gnome, and Doograden made sure the dwarf always had a full share. When the captain of the ship was killed in battle, the crew fell apart. Doograden and Völkhor set off together, eventually finding employ in the Black Boot mercenary company.

Doograden quickly became the company treasurer and historian.  He passed out the soldiers’ shares in small leather sacks, jingling each one before pressing it into their palm as proof of what was inside. The sellswords took to calling him “Jingles” and the name stuck to this day, though only to friends and colleagues.

When control of the barracks was granted to Völkhor, Doograden was the first person he approached. When presented with the opportunity, the gnome gladly accepted. There were many dwarven spirits, cheeses, and other goods that had to pay a hefty import tax to come into Dane Caelen. A little seaside inn nestled away from the hustle and bustle of the main city would be a great place to circumvent that…

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