They/Them– Tyrnill Sylences is an archivist of sorts. High Lamane Felencia’s predecessor inducted them into The Grand Mithraeum to see to the catacombs and the items that lay there. Forgotten by most, Tyrnill knows at least some of the truths to what lies beneath the temple and is devoted to making sure others do not. They believe that some things should stay buried.

Tyrnill was a promising pupil at The Hall of Seven Stars. They learned new spells faster than any of their peers and had read documents writ by the hand of Qua Jon himself. Word spread among elves of certain circles, and it was not long before Tyrnill received an offer from The Grand Mithraeum that they could not turn down. A lifetime of cataloging and protecting forgotten artifacts was not a prize they’d ignore.

Tyrnill is a serious elf, rarely taking time for joy or frivolity. They take their job very seriously and will not hesitate to kill anyone that breeches the doors to the catacombs. In contrast to that, they spend most of their time researching, experimenting, and walking the halls below, past the tombs of the dead and things much more powerful.

Spending much time alone, with the exception of the company provided by their servant Jurgen, they often speak to themselves, referring to themselves by name in a constant stream of muttering, often times carrying on two sides of a debate. When they realize that people are around, theyimmediately fall back into their stern visage, answering questions tersely and looking for any excuse to leave.