The Silver Helms are the warriors of the church. Devoted more to the Radiant Dragon than even the crown, they live to protect their religion. What few Elven Paladins exist come mostly from their number.    

In times of war, Felencia and her council meet to decide if they should send any of their number to battle. They are generally reserved more for protection of holy sights, however, with the occasional party sent out for other reasons, such as retrieval of religious artifacts or as envoys of the Grand Mithraeum.

At any given time, 6 stand guard outside the Grand Mithraeum with an additional six members by the alter. Though generally of the humorless dour type, the guards on duty are forbidden to speak, instead being encouraged to engage in silent prayer and recitation of their vows as they stand ready. All members of this group wear bright red sashes and silver helms, making themselves easily identifiable to others.