The Hurdin has the appearance of a severed elk’s head, surrounded by green eldritch energy. They fly slowly and often have to move into an area by means other than their own locomotion. Other demons love to teleport them to their victims.

Single Minded Terrors

While not unintelegent, The Hurdin has only one thing in mind: the torture and life draining of its victims. When it speaks, it is a constant stream of cursing in abyssal interspersed with the bleating of a goat. It hovers about, an obscene visage to any who see it. 

Your life is mine!

The Hurgdin will attack a single creature at a time if it can, draining it’s life while healing it’s own. In most battles, it will attempt to use it’s Connected Until Death power to lessen the damage it takes from any given attack. It will use all of its intelligence and wisdom to this simple end. The Hurgdin will always be hungry. 

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