He, Him- Reyix was a Dwarven Mercenary that served with Perjure Argonose for a period of time. He is older now and largely retired, though he has never been cured of his wander lust. He frequents places where he knows soldiers from back in his Mercenary days, staying with them until he wears out his welcome.

Reyix is known to take employ as a sell-sword from time to time, though not for anything terribly dangerous. A bodyguard gig here, killing a few goblins there; it keeps his ax swinging arm in shape and some coin in his pouch. He has to keep himself in drink somehow. He can be convinced to join some PCs for a time and a price, as long as the danger is not too great. Reyix has a vested interest in dying of natural causes.

The Dwarf is generally loud and boisterous, always ready to find some cause to celebrate. Often times, he can bring out the same attitude in his old friends, shocking those who did not know them in their soldering days. The mornings see him holding his head and sweating out booze. The evenings see him in his full splendor, slamming mugs on counter tops and singing baudy songs.


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