Caelen Menarise

Princess Menarise is sister to the Queen. She is slightly younger than her sister, being 109 years old. In elvish culture, she is barely an adult. Where her sister has taken to the position of queen perfectly, Caelen Menarise is in many ways her opposite. She avoids all official functions she can. When forced into them, she has little of the Queen‘s poise and elvish grace.

Many joke that Menarise is only half elven, as there is something quite human in her bearing. She is impulsive and mischievous. The bards of Dane Caelen sing quite a few tunes showcasing her exploits. There is also the tale of Menarise and Asyra Carcelle dueling in the streets in the dead of night. No one has personally seen it, but everyone is quick to spread the rumors.

Menarise has thus far managed to shirk all official duty, thus living a life that seems care free. She does seem to have some relation to Currasant Darkrose, the head of Dane Caelen’s town guard. Many elves say this hints that Menarise is being groomed for military leadership. On the few times Menarise was questioned about this, she only laughed.

The princess can be seen wearing anything from costly gowns to filthy torn trousers and a smock. She tends to be at least partially disguised when carousing and will wear what blends in with the locals. She can be found anywhere from dock side taverns to royal balls and everywhere in between. Despite her eccentric ways, she is beloved of the elven people.

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