Fiervel and Argonose

Perjure Fiervel owns the quaint Sweet Pine Inn located in Oakthorn. He is a serene older elf who prefers to spend his evenings in contemplative conversation or reading. It’s well known that some of his favorite guests never pay for their fare, as Fiervel plies them with food and drink as long as they continue in good natured debate. Above all, the elf strives to emphasize learning and discussion in his inn and his life.

Fiervel’s husband is Pejure Argonose, former member of the town guard and a soldier prior to that. He keeps his old chain mail and long sword in a chest by their bed in case the need ever arises, but his fighting days are behind him. Now, he is responsible for the fresh baked bread and sweet rolls that adorn the table in the common area. Early risers will find Argonose preparing breakfast, often with eggs from the chickens penned outside the inn. Those that have had his brown sugar griddle cakes swear by them.

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