He/Him- Malkan grew up in the swamp lands of Dezeldenia. He was taken captive by Mirlethians at the age of 15 and made a slave. Thrown together with others not of his tribe, he was forced to row aboard a Mirlethian war ship for many years. The horrors he witnessed while among them has given him a great fear of the fire wyrms that they worship. He has nightmares about them to this day.

Around two years ago, the Mirlethians came to The Isle of Caelen to pillage, which was not uncommon. This time, however, the slavers never came back. A patrol of elves had killed them to the man. When his guard spotted the elves coming toward the ship where the Dezeldenians were chained, the Mirthlethian set the ship on fire and fled.

Malkan was able to escape, though many of his fellow Dezeldenians were not so lucky. He wandered the wilds for a long time, living off of whatever he could scavenge or kill. During this time, he developed a deeper spirituality with his worship of Braxult, Demon Godess of death. There were many times he felt close to her and thought that he would surrender to her embrace.

Eventually, his wanderings brought him to Dane Caelen. He would sneak around the city, living off the waste of its citizens. When he found The Grand Mithraeum, he knew he had found a holy spot. The great dragons he saw flying above it were so unlike the fire wyrms of the Mirlethians, or the bestial dragons of his homeland. He concluded they must be creatures of Braxult, as they looked quite capable of dealing death.

Malkan started to slaughter what small animals he could find, leaving them outside The Grand Mithraeum as tribute. He believed he was honoring his god. This shocked and scared the elves, and the Silverhelms made increased patrols in the area. One of them eventually caught Malkan. He now languishes in a cell beneath the temple.

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