He/Him- Lamane Serione is second in command to High Lamane Felcenia. He is old, even by Elven standards, and has seen much of history on the world of Samsarras. As such, he is quite tempered and rarely takes an extreme approach to anything. He prefers things to move slow and will offer advice that supports this.

Lamane Serione is concerned most with Elven welfare, and believes that religion’s main purpose is to serve that. He oversees projects such as public housing and the feeding of hungry within Dane Caelen. He has often stated that an elves main purpose in life is charity and the bettering of their fellows and the land.

The Lamane sports a near shaved head, though it often has a layer of uneven stubble upon it. His ceremonial robes are in good repair, though often wrinkled. If one looks close enough, they see that his proud elven back begins to bend and his shoulders slump. Worry about his welfare is quickly brushed away by his constant disarming smile and the sad compassion in his eyes.

He is close friends with Curinth Eril of Telenar Mithraeum by the sea, though his visits are no longer as often as he would like.

Serione uses the stats of a High Elven Acolyte.