She/Her- Lamane Ilises, a half elf, oversees the various Mithraeums of Dane Caelen itself. She is responsible for their proper operation and physical upkeep. As she has little to worry about in that area, she spends her time coordinating between them all for special festivals and celebrations. She also acts as the main contact for the Mithraeum to the crown. Queen Caelen Dicelle has a good relationship with her, as the crown and church are very intertwined.

Lamane Ilises is quite tall, surprising even humans with her height. She wears her hair loose, though it is always meticulously groomed, combed, and curled. She most often has a serious demeanor, the result of having no division between her private and public life. Those that know her best say only wine loosens her up. She will visit the inns of the city on occasion to indulge and listen to music.

Lamane Ilises shares the stats of an elven acolyte, though she is only half elf.

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