He/Him- Jornhuld has led an interesting life. He was born in Mirlethia where he was big even compared to his fellows. It was there he spent much of his isolated young life tending to cattle and getting strong. He would take the herd to graze at dawn, often not returning until it was dark. To this day, he has a gentle affinity toward animals that surprises those that do not know him.

When he came of age, the local Mirlethian headwoman assigned him to a raiding ship. While he had trained in use of ax and shield, Jornhuld did not like the idea and even less so did he like the enthusiasm of his counterparts. He spent a long and miserable time on a ship headed to the Sylvan Kingdom.

They made landfall without attracting the notice of the Sylvan navy. They ransacked many farms and caravans, taking everything they could get their hands on. Jornhuld did was he was told and was indeed good at it, though it sickened his stomach. There was not much to do with a hundred other Mirlethians watching his every move.

There came a day when he was left behind with a small squad of four others. The main group had advanced to escape the notice of a platoon of elves that was chasing them through the hills. Jornhuld and the others were to loot the farm and deal with the survivors, giving the elves a warning.

The family that owned the farm was tied up in the barn where all their cattle was herded. The Mirlethians were lighting torches to burn it down. They reasoned that the elves would see the smoke and take a detour and come upon the charnel house. They laughed as the spoke about it.

Jurnhuld killed them to the last man.

Since that time, Jurnhuld has traveled the Sylvan Kingdom. It was not been easy, as most elves distrust a Mirlethian on sight. His kind nature has won over a good few allies, however. Greatest among them is Völkhor Longsmock , owner of Ankhor’s Dive. The patrons of the bar all know Jurnhold and are glad to see this hulking beast of a man. It is the closest thing he has to a home.

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