High Lamane

She/Her- Felencia is the head priestess of the Sylvan Empire. In many ways she exemplifies the two dragons of the city. Her bearing is generally that of a subdued Eimrag: Silently joyful and gentle. All who have felt her blessing can attest to the sense of peace it brought to them. The elven woman’s blue eyes are the shade of pale ice and are adept at expressing kindness and vulnerability.

Those same eyes seem cold as ice as well when she adopts her other aspect. Felcenia is also like a subdued Drugal. Where the Dragon’s wrath is explosive, Felcenia is more like a simmering cauldron, bubbling to the top with contempt. When the people of the Sylvan Empire are threatened, she can become as brutal as the most battle hardened fighter. She is systematic in her rage.

The elf is always wearing robes fitting of her station, consisting of bright white cloth interwoven with copious amounts of silver thread to give a luminescent quality to them when in full light. Her brown hair is generally kept in a braid that stretches down her back. When unbound, it easily falls to the back of her knees. Her holy symbol is The Staff of Kin. Made completely out of silver except for the eyes, it consists of both Eimrag and Drugal twisted around each other, creating a study staff of about 5 ft. The dragon’s heads point different directions at the top, Eimrag containing red ruby eyes and Drugal containing  obsidian orbs.

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