the Joyful

He/Him  Eimrag the Joyful is the younger of the Dragon gods of Dane Caelen  and brother to Drugal, Bringer of Wrath. He has an obviously joyful demeanor and is often referred to as the Jolly God. Incredibly playful, even in dragon form, Eimrag is worshiped as both a monetary and spiritual patron of the arts. Often, the courtyard of the Grand Mithraeum is used to stage comedic plays in tribute to him.

In Elven form, Eimrag prefers a simple brown tunic and breeches, though he does dress formally when needed. He is quite visually distinctive as his Elven form is completely bald and a bit reflective in the sunlight. His face holds a perpetual smirk paired with frequent squinted side eyed looks, almost as if the dragon is mocking the world at large.

In Draconic form, Eimrag appears as most of his kind. His serpentine body is graced by two translucent wings, veined like that of a fly. Two claws come from the fore section of his body. His mouth is always curled into a large smile, showcasing most of his pointed teeth. Often times, he will bellow with laughter which, in his dragon form, is terrifying to behold.

There are rumors spoken around cheap ale that Eimrag likes to frequent taverns after changing into a secret Elven form unbeknownst to the public. This has led to a common response to tall tales told around tables: “Aye, if that’s true, then I’m Eimrag.”

Those that have lived long enough to see Eimrag in combat only speak of it with either a shudder or a chuckle. He is every bit as deadly as his older sister, though he finds mirth even in battle. His enthusiasm is broadcast to all that can hear and many have died with a boisterous laugh being the last noise to cross their ears. 

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