Bringer of

She/Her  Drugal is sister to Eimrag, born 100 years before her brother. While that is not long in human years, they could not be more different. Where as Eimrag is jovial and joyful, Drugal is anything but. In the best of moods, she is dour. In the worst, cities can be brought to the ground. She instills fear in the people of Dane Caelen, though the terror they feel is nothing compared to what she instills in the enemies of the Sylvan Kingdom.

In Elven form, Drugal has long black hair, unusual for the race of elves. She wears a single longsword upon the black of her plate armor. When not fully armored, she wears a simple white tunic, black leather trousers and boots. A bright red cloth band, tied around her forehead, provides contrast.

In Draconic form, she looks much like her brother with a noticeable exception. A single dark blue horn curves upward from her forehead, giving emphasis to her bared fangs and piercing eyes. In recent years, she has taken to adorning her tail with wrapped white cloth inlaid with silver.

Drugal leaves the city more often than her brother, though one can only guess where she goes. It is not unusual to see her flying down from the clouds on her way to or from the city. The roads around Dane Calean are perhaps some of the safest anywhere because of it.

Though Eimrag is more beloved, it is Drugal who gets the dragon’s share of the worship. She pays much more heed to the fact that she is a god and demands that others do too. She makes it a point to visit every Mithraeum in the city once a year for service. Most have a seat of honor just for her. It is The Grand Mithraeum that is her home, however.

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