She/Her-Curramane Verix is responsible for the physical safety of the church. She is in charge of the Silverhelms and has full reign to utilize them how she sees fit. While she does not have to answer to High Lemane Felencia, she generally does. Curramanes receive their position directly from the radiant dragon Drugal, Bringer of Wrath, so the High Lamane has no official say. Felencia does have access to the ears of the radiant dragons, however, and is held in high regard. While she does not have direct power over the office of Curramane, she does have much influence.

Such points are generally mute, as the two enjoy a good, if not solely business, relationship. Felencia does tend to temper Verix’s more fiery impulses, though neither is afraid of conflict. The citizenry talk of what would happen in times of war. Aside from Wyrlynth herself, it is hard to imagine an enemy to fear with the divine might of Verix and the radiant dragons on their side.


Verix wears the traditional full plate of the Curramane. It is incredibly ornate, the breast plate depicting a dragon surrounded by a sun. The helm itself is patterned after a dragons head, giving her strong elven face a fearsome aspect. The eyes of the helm are inset with wulfenite, giving them an almost glowing quality.

Her blade, named Darkbane, also belongs to the office of the Curramane. The hilt is plated in silver and is made to look like a dragons head. It’s single eye is also inset with wulfenite. The pommel is that of a dragons claw, gripping finely polished hessonite. The blade comes out of the mouth of the dragon, bearing little decoration itself aside from it’s blood groove. It does begin to glow when within 5ft of any creature of evil alignment.

As far as elven faces go, Verix’s is stout. Her pointed ears betray her heritage, though if they were hidden she could easily pass for human. A scar runs up her left cheek to her head, disappearing into the maw of the dragon helm. No hair grows around it and she seems she shows it off with pride, keeping that side of her head completely shaved. The rest of her brown hair is shoulder length, with a single longer braid going down the right side of her face.

She can be seen as curt by those she does not know, as she rarely uses more words than what is necessary to convey her meaning. She does not take kindly to those that try and force the issue. Those that know her or that have proven themselves meet a very different Verix. When not attending to duty, she can be quite mirthful and enjoys copious amounts of drink. She likes to make sure that those around her enjoy such trappings as well. Many say that she above all others embody the different personalities of the radiant dragons that make their home in Dane Caelen.

Only Verix, Felencia, and Queen Dicelle have unrestricted access to the radiant dragons.

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