Bak Spiders are hideous to behold. They appear as the mummified face of an elf with its eyes sewn shut. Their mouths hang open, housing a spider’s compound eye from which they see. From the remains of its greasy hair and leathery skin sprout 8 chitinous legs. They lack anything more than animal intelligence, making them that much more disconcerting. 

Great Deceivers

The Bak Spiders can produce a sound much like that of a small child laughing or crying. They will often times use this to lure humanoid prey to them where they can attack it from the shadows. 

 An Unholy Sound

The true eyes of a Bak Spider are terrible to behold, rendering the mind unable to function. A group of the spiders will descend upon the paralyzed victim, feeding on its flesh while the target still lives.