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Sweet Pine is one of the five riverside inns for which Oakthorn is known. It is owned by Perjure Fiervel, a serene older elf who prefers to spend his evenings in contemplative conversation or reading. It’s well known that some of his favorite guests never pay for their fare, as Fiervel plies them with food and drink as long as they continue in good natured debate. Above all, the elf strives to emphasize learning and discussion in his inn.

This is further accentuated by the small library on the second floor. It is the size of a small guest room, but it is lined from floor to ceiling in bookshelves. Numerous scrolls and leather bound books are packed into them. Patrons are allowed to take them anywhere on the premises, but they are not allowed to leave the inn. Fiervel is a trusting man, however, and does not keep tabs on such things. He trusts in people’s good natures to make sure he does not lose the writings. The library can be a good way to impart knowledge on PCs.

Fiervel’s husband is Pejure Argonose, former member of the town guard and a soldier prior to that. He keeps his old chain mail and long sword in a chest by their bed in case the need ever arises, but his fighting days are behind him. Now, he is responsible for the fresh baked bread and sweet rolls that adorn the table in the common area. Early risers will find Argonose preparing breakfast, often with eggs from the chickens penned in outside the inn. Those that have had his brown sugar griddle cakes swear by them.

The inn consists of three floors. The basement is a root/ storage cellar. The ground floor contains a kitchen, a common room, and the Pejure’s bedroom. The second floor contains four bedrooms and the library. Adjoining the floor is a balcony overlooking the river with four chairs placed upon it. Outside the inn is a small chicken pen, as well as one other pen inhabited by Slug, the inns sole pig. Slug is an affectionate pet and is well known by all the regulars.

A Slow Night: The inn is empty aside from Fiervel himself. Even his husband has gone out for the night. He is happy to talk the ear off of any visitors.

A Full House: All four rooms are rented. A group of scholars passing through on their way to Dane Caelen have rented them out. They are all studied in knowledge of ancient Shilan.

A Studied Mage: A young elf in her second century by the name of Sequis has sequestered herself in her room. She studies her spell book ceaselessly. She does have 3 healing potions for sale if the characters are interested.

The Young Poet: Evris has traveled the Isle of Caelen extensively with their leather journal. They can be spotted in the commons or on the balcony, furiously scribbling poems onto it’s pages. They will take a flirtatious liking to one of the PCs, writing poems about them and giving them small gifts of flowers and silks.

An Old Friend: Fiervel has had an old friend come to visit. Cristevel has known him for years. She will be seen around the inn, humming to herself or playing chess and debating with Fiervel about the gods. She believes in the Astar Uln, where as Fiervel fervently believes the Radiant Dragons to be the only true gods.

Old Soldiers: Reyix is a Dwarven mercenary that served for a period of time with Argonose. He is loud and boisterous and brings out similar qualities in Argonose. Pejure does not like this shift and his discomfort is obvious to anyone watching.

Reyix is on his way to visit Völkhor Longsmock  in Dane Caelen. He can be convinced to go with the characters on adventures for a period of time.

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