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Oakthorn is a simple village on the Hillspring river. The land to the south is fertile and small farms dot the countryside. The village serves as a hub for the farmers and craftsmen to peddle their wares, selling them to both the citizens of Oakthorn and beyond by use of the river.

Mithraeum of the Spring Harvest is the sole temple of the city village and is a true hub of social life there. It has a large focus on community. Though it is devoted to the radiant dragons, none call it home. Eimrag the joyful will on occasion come from Dane Caelen to spend time in its peaceful halls.

Oakthorn sees four seasons. Summer brings clear days and bright, hot sun. Autumn brings cool nights and an occasional early frost. Winter brings dark nights, moderate snow and cold rain. Spring brings breezy warmth and good hunting.

The village is far from rich, though it’s residents are generally comfortable with their standard of living. Finding more expensive items, especially anything of a magical nature, will be difficult if at all possible. The craftsman and farmers are proud of their wares and offer them at honest prices, however.

The population is almost exclusively elves here, with a small community of wild elves being present. The separation between the two groups is not as prominent as it is in other places, such as the capital. Many wild elves have forgone the grey cloaks and some high elves have adopted the garment.

The village and surrounding country side supply produce to much of the isle, including the capital. Game is plentiful in the forests, as are wild greens and garlic. The village is known for it’s sweet spiced hare with potatoes and apples. Oakthorn does have one other strange export, however.

Feather Mound, to the west of the city, is rumored to be the site of a large battle between the high elves and the avriel in the last days of the war in the heavens. Those that fell were buried in a mass grave on the site. There are those that would disturb the burial sites, digging for ancient artifacts. An old avriel pendant or glass sword is worth much to the right buyer. While the citizenry frown on such a profession, there is no law to bar it.

The city guard consists of five watchfolk. Their duties generally consist of dealing with drunk and disorderly inn patrons. Each night, one of the five patrols the river between the inns in a small rowboat, keeping what peace needs kept. There is no standing army in Oakthorn, but there is a militia of peasants and farmers that can be pressed into service by the Headwoman if need be.

Population: 693 high elves, 186 wild elves, 9 misc.

Religion: The worship of the Radiant Dragons here is prominent, though wild elves and some high elves alike still worship the Astar Uln. There are no public temples to the old gods and their worship is practiced in private.

Government: Headwoman Brenischt oversees Oakthorn, dealing with disputes between farmers and the organization of festival days. It is a peaceful town, and thus the most dangerous thing she has oversaw has been the organization of hunts for animals who have become a nuisance. One of her most famous songs she sings at River’s Welcome is that of the stag in rut 7 years hence. Others sing a more bawdy version of the song at River Folk’s Folly.