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This floor marks the separation from the Mithraeum above and the secrets that lie below. There is truth in the rumors the peasants spread. Centuries ago, Currasant Amunias Silverblade led many a crusade to fortify the elven lands, erecting defenses and rooting out ancient evils that dwelt within their boarders. While none can argue with the results, her methods left many dead and fearful. She was eventually killed my a tribe of wild elves on the Isle of Winter, her throat slit as she slept.

Amunias had very strong ties to The Grand Mithraeum. She led every charge in the name of Drugal, Bringer of Wrath. Her devotion to the Radiant Dragon Gods was absolute. As such, she collected many relics during her conquests. They were artifacts of both demon kind and the Astar Uln. She would not have doubt cast upon what she viewed as the one true religion. Those items she did not destroy, she brought back to The Grand MIthraeum for safe keeping.

The floors beneath the Mithraeum are old and vast enough that none know all their secrets. High Lamane Felencia herself largely stays away from the catacombs, other than to pay her respects to the dead lamanes entombed within. She views the secrets below as a link to a darker past of the church, though she is not so steadfast in her beliefs that she ignores what could be a potential problem.

High Lamane Cindrasal, her predecessor, struck a deal with Tyrnill Sylences, a gifted mage who studied at The Hall of Seven Stars. The wizard was tasked with the cataloging and protection of that which lay beneath the Mithraeum. Felencia continues this, allowing Tyrnill carte blanche in regards to the under temple. While the High Lamane does not necessarily care for them, she realizes their necessity.

This floor is the wizard’s domain, shared only with their servant. They are one of the few that may safely pass through the large stone doors, and as such, have a key to open them. Keys can also be found on the persons of High Lamane Felencia, Curramane Verix, Drugal, Bringer of Wrath, and Eimrag the Joyful. If anyone else touches the doors, it triggers Tyrnill’s alarm spell. The wizard is not predisposed to ask questions before they deal with any perceived threat to their domain.

The Grand Mithraeum, Sub Floor 1 Gridded Battlemap