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Suggested Level for 4 characters: 13-15

The 4th floor of the Grand Mithraeum is the one most seldom seen by mortal eyes, for this top floor is home to Dane Caelen’s two dragon gods themselves: Drugal, Bringer of Wrath and Eimrag the Joyful. It is guarded by numerous Silverhelms on the floor below. If they get past the guards, they had best hope they are welcomed by the dragons themselves.

In addition to the large open area for the dragon’s horde and for them to rest in dragon form, are two bedrooms they use when in elven form. It is in these rooms they keep their most precious treasures. There are not many that have seen Drugal’s room, but Eimrag does entertain various types of guests from time to time. He often brings them in through the air, landing on the balcony in area 44.

Aside from an entrance and exit for the flying dragons, the balcony is also where they watch over the crowds coming for worship. Elves will gather in the courtyard at times to hear the proclamations of High Lamane Felencia as the Radiant Dragon Gods watch from above.

Battle Map of The Grand Mithraeum, 4th Floor