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The second floor of The Grand Mithraeum holds a few private alters as well as some storage. Those that wish to pray for knowledge, or perhaps to the Radiant dragon gods, will find this floor the most use. More unscrupulous types will find a good few trinkets of worth here as well. There is a good chance they’ll run into an acolyte if they spend too much time here, however.

Perhaps of most interest is the alter devoted to elven ancestors. This is a hold over from older times when the elves worshiped the Astar Uln. They believed the souls of those elves that passed from the world resided in Yurilda, the realm of those gods. Those that still hold to the practice say that it is a way to honor those elves that came before, nothing more. It was upon their backs the present exists. What those worshipers believe in private my just be another things all together…

Grand Mithraeum, 2nd Floor Battlemap