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Suggested Level for 4 characters: 12-14

The Grand Mithraeum is the largest temple in all the elven lands. It is overseen by Felcenia, a true cleric, and is also often home to Eimrag, the Joyful and Drugal, Bringer of Wrath. The two are radiant dragon siblings and are viewed as gods by the common folk. It is rumored that artifacts from times past have been stowed away beneath the Grand Mithraeum for safekeeping from those who might question the elven religion. Those of the faith dismiss such nonsense as rumors from worshipers of the antiquated “Old Gods.” They want proof of their own beliefs so badly that they would fabricate lies.

Unlike other, smaller temples in the city, The Grand Mithraeum is a relatively new construction as the elves measure time. The elves already worshiped the radiant dragons at this point, so the temple had never been devoted to other gods. As such, the Mithraeum is full of iconography related to the Radiant Dragons.

Player Characters could be in the Mithraeum for any number of reasons. They may need help from the clergy, or they may be able to provide needed lore. Perhaps they need to contend with the Radiant Dragon gods directly, through official or unofficial means. In truth, there are catacombs beneath the temple that contain all manner of dangerous secrets. Getting to those dungeons could be a quest in and of itself.

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