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Dane Caelen is the shining jewel of The Sylvan Kingdom. The first city of the high elves, Dane Caelen has been their ancestral home since they fell from the skies. The architecture of the older buildings here shows their enmity toward the winged elves, as they are topped with twisting spires and wrought iron spikes, leaving little space where they could land.

Dane Caelen is a city with much history and relics of older times are easy to find here. While the elves now officially worship the Radiant Dragons, many of the buildings here existed when the Astar Uln were said to still walk the world. Statues to the old gods exist in buildings and forgotten tunnels. In a sense, the current Dane Caelen is built on the ruins of the old one, but the old one never truly went away.

Dane Caelen sees four seasons. Summer brings clear days and bright, hot sun. Autumn brings rain and an increasing chill. Winter brings dark nights, light snow and cold rain. Spring brings breezy warmth and many flowers.

As Dane Caelen is the richest of the high elven cities, most of the citizenry is well off here. The standard of living is higher than anywhere in the isles and rivals that of the richer cities of Qua’Lorn. The wild elves that live in the city often see to the more menial jobs and do not share as much of that prosperity, but their conditions here are far from squalid. Queen Caelen Dicelle seems especially intent on improving their position domestically as she attempts to improve relations with the tribes abroad.

While the population is predominately elves, most races of Samsarras can be found here and outsiders are certainly welcome, as their ports take in trade from all nations. Mirlethians are often looked upon with suspicion, as the two nations have a history of war, but that quickly fades if they prove themselves to not be a threat.

The city produces great works of art and artisans from all over the Kingdom are drawn here. The forests also provide the woodcutters and huntsman with ample resources. Farmed produce and grain is generally imported, but wild vegetables are gathered en masse from the woods daily. If they were said to have a signature meal, it would be roasted game atop fresh wild greens, piled high with pungent wild garlic and hunter’s grass.

The city guard protects the citizens inside the walls of the city. They deal with crime and general urban disruption. They are recognizable by their green tunics and hold authority of law in the city, even over members of the elven military that dwell in the city.

There are other martial units in the city as well. The Purple Hoods are the royal guard of Dane Caelen and accompany the royalty wherever they may go. The Queen is never seen without multiple guards. There are also the Silver Helms, which answer directly to the church. While they mostly guard holy sights, units of them will on occasion be sent on special missions by the priests.

Population: 16,300 high elves, 2,100 wild elves, 600 dwarves, 350 gnomes, 250 Mirlethians, 400 misc.

Religion: The worship of the Radiant Dragons here is near absolute. The many wild elves still worship the Astur Uln. Other cultures worship their own gods, but physical churches for them do not exist.

Government: Prince Caelen Nivra, Queen Caelen Dicelle’s younger brother, administers Capital Forest, as well as the day to day dealings of Dane Caelen itself. The Queen certainly has a large physical presence here as well. The Asyra family has much input and political sway, as does the queen’s wizard, Rezmunen.