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The Isle of Caelen is home to Dane Caelen, the Capital of the Sylvan Kingdom. The wealth from that great city finds it’s way into the economies of it’s neighbors, making this the richest of the elven provinces. Commerce from the outer isles tends to flow inward, infusing the Isle of Caelen with an evergreen supply of dwarven metal goods, Sunisian silks, and delicacies from the glimmering isles. Nowhere is this more apparent than Dane Caelen itself.

Surrounded on three sides by other isles, it is also the most protected. Geography aside, it has the fortress city of Neldorshos to the south, the military college of Currasantia in Fierduin, and the standing army in Dane Caelen. The commerce might flow inward, but the kingdoms military might flows outward, with ships always ready to dispatch soldiers to the other isles.

There are five known radiant dragons on this isle:

  • Eimrag, the Joyful
  • Drugal, the Bringer of Wrath
  • Grajan, the Learned
  • Niteless, Speaker of Storms.
  • Fryen, the Fifth Star

This large amount of wyrms ensures the worship of radiant dragons is stronger here than anywhere in the world. Statues exist in many public spaces depicting the light drakes in both their humanoid and reptilian forms. In times of trouble, all radiant dragons of the kingdom converge on this island in a secret location to plan and ready themselves. Most elves hope to never see times dark enough to warrant such a meeting and it has been many centuries since they have.

Many of the cities have a large population of wild elves. While they have largely integrated themselves into high elf society, most wear grey cloaks as a form of cultural identity and pride. High elves look on this phenomena with emotions ranging from celebration to mild annoyance or violent disdain.

Population: 650,000 high elves, 78,000 wild elves.

Religion: The worship of the Radiant Dragons here is near absolute. The many wild elves still worship the Astur Uln.

Government: Queen Caelen Dicelle rules the kingdom from Dane Caelen. Prince Caelen Nivra, her younger brother, administers Capital Forest, as well as the day to day dealings of Dane Caelen itself. Sunfeld is overseen by Dutchess Isire Tulwyn. The North Pines are ruled by Duke Caelen Yllgrin.

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