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The Sylvan Kingdom is home to the elves of Samsarras, both high elves and wild elves. The majority of the wild elves roam the northern reaches of the Isle of Winter in nomadic tribes, following good hunting and surviving in that harsh land. Many wild elves can also be found living in the cities of the high elves, however. They wear grey cloaks to distinguish themselves and as a means to hold onto their heritage in a different land.

The accepted history is that all elves were once one people. The demons of Samsarras created the Avriel, beautiful winged elves that lived in the skies. They could be tortured for much longer than humans, as they never died of old age. For a time, the demons forgot about the world and the avriel knew peace.

In time, they would turn on each other. A civil war raged across the skies with the two biggest families tearing their civilization apart. When it was finished, the bloodline of Caelen had lost. They, and their allies, were cast out of the heavens and their wings were cut from their backs. They would never know the freedom of flight again.

They formed the first city, Dane Caelen, so that they might defend themselves from the Avriel with enclosed roofs and pointed spires. Other elves saw their predicament as punishment for indulging in the lofty ways of civilization. They left Dane Caelen to live in the wilds. Hence the split between high elves and wild elves.

Many centuries later, when the demons saw new gods taking over their creation, Luln cast the largest Avriel city from the sky. It crashed into the heart of the Sylvan Kingdom, setting off earth quakes and tidal waves that reshaped the land. This is why the Sylvan Kingdom is made up of four isles, or at least this is one of the stories that is told.

Population: 1,940,000 high elves, 472,000 wild elves.

Religion: The high elves worship the radiant dragons, which they see as living gods and custodians of the kingdom. There are few that hold onto older ways, however, and worship the Astar Uln pantheon of gods. Such worship is tolerated, but is looked down upon. Wild elves as a whole also worship the Astar Uln, though those in civilized lands experience the same disdain for this that their high elf brethren do.

Government: The high elves are led by Queen Caelen Dicelle from their ancestral seat of power, Dane Caelen. Beneath the queen are princesses, dukes, countesses and the like. The government is tied tightly to the religion of the land. Most see the Queen as a just ruler, if perhaps inexperienced.

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