Dim light from Samsarras’s two moons filtered through slow moving clouds, casting flickering shadows across the sands. The night air was cold in the desert, offering a stark contrast to the punishing day time temperatures. A lone fire still burned in the Del Harun camp, attempting to push back the chill. Four figures sat around it. The skin they passed between them poured mildly sweet wine onto their tongues, washing away the toils and bloodshed of the day.

They would need much more wine for this purpose before their journey was done.

The Isles of Samsarras 

The Isles of Samsarras is a D&D podcast turned audio drama. We like to emphasize the story over the stats and dice. In Samsarras, you get more than just people playing an RPG. You get an immersive soundscape, riveting tales, and characters you can care about.

It is available on your favorite podcast apps.  Or you can find all of Season 1 below:

1. Visions and Meetings

Afsana has some foreboding dreams as newcomers arrive in the Del Harun camp.  Will these newcomers be able to defuse the tension or will they be the flame that ignites the powder keg?

2. Enemy From Within

The caravan stops to let Afsana heal as we learn more about the artifacts known as the ash stones.

3. Hidden in the Desert

The heroes are on their way to confront Manek.  There are other dangers in the desert, however.

4. Celebration’s End

The heroes indulge in some revelry, celebrating their recent kill.  The Ashstone has other plans, however…

5. Who is this Drow?

Manek has been abducted by a Dark Elf.  Can our heroes outwit the evil menace and bring back Afsana’s brother?

6. Best Laid Plans

The meeting with Jegkhir is interrupted by a very unexpected guest.  Not everyone makes it through this one…

7. A Pirate’s Life for Me

Cordo falls toward an ancient tower on the canyon floor. What secrets lie within the dreaming tower?

8. Flee the Dragon

After losing their companion, our heroes flee the dragon, only to find something long forgotten and possibly more sinister.

9. What Lies on the Upper Floors?

Cordo sees visions from the past and visions from the future.  While dreaming of escape, Heskin meets the slave galley’s guard.

10. The Forgotten City

In a forgotten city, Afsana has visions of the past.  Heskin gains a curious new friend.

11. Flight From the Tower

Jegkir and Cordo have escaped the tower, but still they are pursued.  Heskin is forced to fight for his life, though fate intervenes.

12. City of the Past

Azulwrath, Afsana, and Arkin meet the Lady of the city, though they wish they hadn’t.

13. At War With the Drow

Heskin escapes with his life and those of his fellow countrymen.  While they may have fled the slavers, a new enemy presents itself: starvation.

14. What Was Lost Is Found

Dragons, liquor, and family: Oh my!

15. Home Again, Home Again

Afsana and Azulwrath are reunited with the Del Harun.  They go to a sacred place to pay their last respects to Cordo.  They are not there alone, however…

16. What’s in the Sack?

The season one finale begs one question: What’s in the sack?
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