Dim light from Samsarras’s two moons filtered through slow moving clouds, casting flickering shadows across the sands. The night air was cold in the desert, offering a stark contrast to the punishing day time temperatures. A lone fire still burned in the Del Harun camp, attempting to push back the chill. Four figures sat around it. The skin they passed between them poured mildly sweet wine onto their tongues, washing away the toils and bloodshed of the day.

They would need much more wine for this purpose before their journey was done.

The Isles of Samsarras is a D&D podcast turned audio drama. We like to emphasize the story over the stats and dice. In Samsarras, you get more than just people playing an RPG. You get an immersive soundscape, riveting tales, and characters you can care about.

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Del Harun Campfire” (pictured above) Copyright 2018 by Jay Reynolds.


Our beautiful cover art, “The Great Divide” Copyright 2018 was created on commission by the talented, Betsy Howitt.  You can find more of her work at: